23 June 2017

Every year, the 23rd of June is dedicated for the commemoration of World Public Services Day, as initiated by the United Nations in 2003. This year in commemorating the day we move towards amplifying tax justice drives through the unavoidable linkages of the social economic contract of tax payers and government.

The call echoes state- driven public service delivery by requiring multinational companies to pay their fair share of taxes. The drawn attention of domestic revenue mobilisation visa vie advancement of sustainable development is unavoidable in context of public sector, investment, service delivery and inequality.  



In this context we will host a round table workshop with relevant stakeholders set up to address and raise awareness and linkages of the tax justice age and public services. The workshop will provide a platform for different Members of Parliament, government officials, trade Unionists and the media to undertake active advocacy engagement and debate on the interconnection of Illicit Financial Flows, tax governance and public service. We therefore aim to scale up the tax justice agenda by:

  • Generating  knowledge on the role and relevance of tax to address inequality in Africa
  • Make linkages between tax and inequality and the work of related allied constituencies
  • Engaging new issues such as public service and with partners at national level to inject tax and inequality perspectives through both formal and informal engagements
  •  Engaging Member of Parliament on the need to increase monitoring on public service and production.
  • To support interaction and exchange among relevant stakeholders on the subject of IFFs, Taxation , Africa’s financial transformation and domestic resource mobilisation for service delivery
  • Strengthen the impact and knowledge base approach on role of legislature in addressing IFFs for sustainable development 

Targets, proposed activities and time frame.

Core campaign activities will be focused in the one-week timeframe. Organisational involvement which include TJNA, PSI ,GII, ISODEC and ITUC Africa. Led by TJNA in move to have the campaign in Ghana activities proposed include a series of coordinated creative public actions and direct government advocacy through APNIFFT that raise popular awareness of the damaging effects of multinational tax avoidance and their impact on public service delivery. Activities include:

  1. One day roundtable workshop with relevant stakeholders
  2. Development of a joint statement for government advocacy reinforced by public actions to be disseminated to the AU on public service day
  3. Half day press briefing with local media with a joint statements from Members of Parliament ,Trade unions and civil society .
  4. Radio/TV Interviews from trade unionist and civil society.
  5. Opinion editorials and online article publication.
  6. Social media dimension, #TaxJustice for #PublicServices