Political Party Engagement - Abuse of Incumbency and Electoral Corruption Project

24 May 2016

As part of Ghana Integrity Initiative (GII), Ghana Anti-Corruption Coalition (GACC), Centre for Democratic Development (CDD) and Citizens Movement Against Corruption’s (CMaC) contribution to ensuring a free, fair, transparent and peaceful election, a project called ‘Abuse of Incumbency and Electoral Corruption’ has been launched to promote a more level political playing field by tracking and reporting the various abuses of incumbency and electoral corruption during the 2016 election of Ghana. The project is funded by STAR Ghana and will be implemented in some selected constituencies across the country with incumbent MPs contesting the 2016 elections.

In 2012, Ghana Integrity Initiative developed a manual and indicators for measuring what constitutes abuse of incumbency. These indicators include but not limited to abuse of public functions and platforms, access to public facilities, use of state funded projects to solicit for votes etc. It is the aim of the 2016 project to build on the lessons learned.