2 February 2017

Transparency International is running a 12 month project to support the realization of commitments made by Ghana, Kenya and Nigeria at the Anti-Corruption Summit in May 2016 on establishing public beneficial ownership registers. To kick-start the project TI and partners are hosting a regional meeting to bring together key stakeholders from civil society, government, business and law enforcement to collaborate and progress plans on how to collect, share and use beneficial ownership information to tackle corruption.1



The regional workshop will take place on the 2nd and 3rd of February 2017 in Accra, Ghana. Stakeholders from all three countries will be joined by international experts to deliberate on how to ensure that the Information obtained from Beneficial Ownership Registers is used to fight against corruption, money laundering and funding terrorism. The object of the workshop are;

  1. Participants will increase their understanding of why BO information is useful for  tackling corruption in various public sectors (health, contracting, extractives etc.)
  2. Participants will understand the needs and perspectives of other groups (government, private sector, procurement officers, law, extractives, civil society)
  3. Participants will learn from experiences of people from other countries who have made progress with the adoption of Beneficial Ownership Transparency (the case of the UK)
  4. Participants will learn of methods, tools and approaches that can help them make  progress towards enhanced Beneficial Ownership Transparency and the fight against corruption.
  5. Participants will start country level discussions but with input from independent international experts
  6. Participants will generate contacts with people who can support them in the future



The regional meeting will bring together approximately ten participants from each of the three countries. The participants will be drawn from representatives of civil society, the private sector, government bodies, law enforcement and the media. They will be joined by approximately ten international experts who can share their expertise on relevant issues such as Beneficial Ownership Registers, extractives, open data, open contracting and procurement, tax and illicit financial flows.



This is also in line with the Anti-Corruption Summit Communique commitments: “We will work to ensure that beneficial ownership information can be used effectively to detect and fight corruption, including working with business, civil society, and law enforcement. We will support developing countries to collect beneficial ownership information and use it in public contracting and other sectors.” Anti-Corruption Summit Communique, Paragraph 4

This workshop is funded with UK aid from the UK government