Corruption is Eating Us Up: Call to Action (Consolidated)

30 April 2017



The GII Consortium (comprising the Ghana Integrity Initiative, Ghana Anti-Corruption Coalition and SEND GHANA) conducted a survey on the knowledge, perceptions and experiences of corruption across the 10 regions of Ghana. Research on corruption in Ghana had, hitherto, focused mainly on citizens' perceptions, rather than actual experiences of corruption. This survey is novel in capturing people's actual experiences of corruption in, largely, public institutions.

The survey also captured people's knowledge on corruption, particularly their understandings of the various manifestations of corruption. In capturing experiences of corruption within the district, the survey provides evidence for the engagement of stakeholders across the various levels of governance--national, regional and district, particularly the latter.

Launch of the Report
Mr. George Osei-Bimpeh, Country Director, SEND-GHANA;
Ambassador Robert P Jackson, Mr. Joe Winful, Executive Chair Person,
FAT Africa; Mrs. Linda Ofori-Kwafo, Executive Director, GII;
and Mr. Joe Whittal, Commissioner, CHRAJ