Taxation & the State of Africa Mining Vision Implementation - AMV

The Africa Mining Vision (AMV) as a policy framework designed by the African Union to ensure Africa utilizes its mineral resources strategically for broad-based and inclusive development.

The meeting was to facilitate awareness of the AMV framework among key stakeholders in the mineral sector.

In attendance were stakeholders from the following institutions.
1. Ministry of Lands and Natural Resources
2. Minerals Commission
3. Ministry of Finance
4. Geological Survey Department 
5. Mines Department 
6. Lands Commission 
7. Chamber of Mines 
8. Environmental Protection Agency
9. Tax Justice Coalition-Ghana
10. Other CSOs

A visit to GII's Office by Members of Finance & Public Accounts Committee from the Parliament of the Rebulic of Gambia.

A twelve-member delegation from the Parliament of the Republic of Gambia undertook a three-day benchmarking visit to Parliament of Ghana from 9th to 13th July, 2018

The purpose of the visit is to meet and interact with Members of the sister committee to gather first-hand knowledge while benchmarking best practices in the functioning of a Public Accounts Committee.

As part of the program drawn up for the visit, the delegation visited GII and had a meeting on "Civil Society Organisations contribution to the Fight against corruption in its engagement with Parliament on Promoting Good Governance"

Date: 12th July, 2018 

RTI Campaign Team met with the Minority and Majority Leaders

As part of the campaign to get Members of Parliament pass a CREDIBLE RTI Law, the RTI Campaign Team met with the Minority and Majority Leaders, 17th July 2018. 
The meeting was to share with them the problematic clauses in the current Bill that needs urgent attention during the ongoing consideration of the RTI Bill in Parliament.

Have you called on your MP? We are responsible for our own development. Don’t be a spectator, be an active citizen and Demand a credible RTI Law.