GII has held a hybrid validation meeting in Accra to present the findings of a Corruption Risks

Assessment (CRA) report to stakeholders to review, identify gaps and provide inputs towards the
finalization of the report and seek their inputs to finalize the report. The validation meeting was
held on Friday, June 28, 2024.
The CRA focused on the claims management process and supervision functions of the National
Health Insurance Scheme. It sought to collect views on corruption vulnerabilities and loopholes
in the scheme and assess how those corruption risks would impact on access to health service
delivery for women, girls and other vulnerable groups at risk of discrimination.
The study was undertaken in six Metropolitan, Municipal and District Assemblies (MMDA) in
the southern and northern parts of Ghana. It forms part of GII’s Project titled ‘Inclusive Service
Delivery Africa (ISDA)’ which seeks to improve access to education and healthcare services for
women, girls and other groups at risk of discrimination in Africa by addressing potential and
corruption-related barriers. The project is being implemented by Transparency International (TI)
chapters in DR Congo, Madagascar, Rwanda, Zimbabwe, Canada and Ghana with funding
support from Global Affairs Canada through Transparency International.
The Consultant Mr. Charles Ayamdoo presented the findings after which participants reviewed
and validated the findings.
Participants at the validation meeting were mainly respondents of the CRA from the six
MMDAs. Their inputs to the findings will help shape and finalize the report for onward
submission to relevant stakeholders, particularly policy makers.