Mrs. Mary Awelana Addah

Programmes Manager

Mary Awelana Addah is at the forefront of the anti-corruption debate in Ghana, as the Acting Programmes Manager of the Ghana Integrity Initiative (GII), the local chapter of Transparency International. With an MA in Development Studies, she has years of experience working with civil society advocating for institutional and systemic changes that ultimately lead to reduction of corruption and improving national integrity system. Working with the Ghana Trade and Livelihoods Coalition (GTLC), the Centre for Community and Social Development (CENCOSAD) and the Ghana Education Service, her work has largely focused on governance, anti-corruption, education and the empowerment of socially excluded groups, largely women and children.

 Mary has worked with state and non-state organisation including Civil Society Organisation in Research, project management, coordination and monitoring and Evaluation. She continues to work extensively on diverse capacity building programmes as well as citizen education and mobilization throughout and continues to play a key role on the steering committee of the Citizens Movement against Corruption, a citizens group advocating for increased anti-corruption measures in Ghana, for development.  

In her current capacity, Ms Addah is responsible for programmes concept development and design, technical proposal writing, project implementation and project management.  She also has expertise in project monitoring and evaluation, multi stakeholder processes gender analysis, and has recently lead the development and publishing of GII’s first gender publication on women and anti-corruption, which is scheduled to be launched in 2015 . She also has special expertise in Participatory Videoing (PV) and a certificate in Multi-Stakeholder Processes and Social Learning awarded by Centre for Development Innovation (CDI), Wageningen University in the Netherlands. Her interests lie in anticorruption research, capacity building and women empowerment for sustainable development. She is passionate about issues of corruption, and its impacts on the economy, especially marginalised groups, and looks forward to opportunities to collaborate on developmental programmes.

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