Dr. Cynthia Ayorkor Sallah

Board Member

Dr Cynthia Sallah is a successful Chartered Accountant with over twenty years of invaluable
experience in auditing and accounting in a variety of industries from start-up businesses, to financial
management and company closures. She has hands on experience of providing professional advice in
strategic sectors such as financial reporting, taxation, auditing, forensic accounting, corporate finance
and insolvency.

She has an impeccable judgement and an innate ability to solve financial and accounting problems.
Cynthia thinks innovatively when dealing with risks or opportunities, and is adept at thinking outside
of the box. Her attention to detail is first class and she is a natural at meeting demanding reporting

Cynthia is currently a Senior Manager and Head of the Practice Management Unit of KPMG Ghana,
a global professional services firm. She is also an accredited facilitator with the firm. Cynthia joined
KPMG Ghana as a Trainee Accountant in 1998 immediately after her first degree in Business
Administration. She combined her training with the pursuit of a second degree in Finance at the
University of Ghana Business School, qualifying as a Chartered Accountant in November 2003 and
graduating with an MBA in Finance in 2004. During her time there, she was an active member of the
University Christian Fellowship.

Cynthia had three years of post-qualification experience in providing audit services to leading
financial institutions in Ghana. Her clients included: The Bank of Ghana; Barclays Bank; Standard
Chartered Bank; Standard Chartered West African Shared Service Centre (Operational review); The
Ghana Stock Exchange; Centre for Democratic Development (A non-Governmental Organisation),
DANIDA Health Sector Support Project, EU (Various funded projects in Ghana); Tema Lube Oil
Company Ltd (Production of Lubrication Oils and Greases); Tema Shipyard and Dry-dock Limited,
Shell Ghana Limited.

Cynthia was the IT Security officer and also an accredited trainer on KPMG run courses in the
Ghana office. Cynthia was seconded to the KPMG Manchester office in the United Kingdom
between October 2006 and May 2009.

Whilst in Manchester, Cynthia played the role of engagement Manager in charge of the following
entities CIS General Insurance Limited, CIS Policyholder Services Limited (CISPS),CIS Unit
Managers Limited (CISUM) , Methodist Insurance Plc. ; London Scottish Bank PLC ; London
Scottish Invoice Finance Limited ; Think Money Financial Services Group of companies, Marks and
Spencer Money Financial Services Plc., WH Ireland Financial Services Group of companies,
Cheshire Building Society; Furness Building Society.

Doubling as the compliance Manager for the Manchester office from July 2008 to May 2009, Cynthia
was also involved in facilitating KPMG UK run audit courses for a number of offices across the UK.
Cynthia’s industry experience in the UK was in the financial services sector spanning across building
societies and Insurance markets. She was involved in the audit, actuarial reviews, treasury reviews,
and IFRS Model conversion reviews of entities such as CIS, Methodist Insurance Plc., London
Scottish Bank, M&S, Cheshire and Furness Building Societies and the various other financial services

Cynthia re-joined KPMG Ghana in May 2009 on her return from the UK and worked as an Audit
Manager in the Consumer and Industrial Market, Information, Communication and Entertainment
Audit Unit. She rose to the position of a Senior Manager and subsequently moved to head the
Practice Management unit within the firm in January 2015.

In December 2018, Cynthia graduated with a doctorate in Business Administration and won the Best
Woman Thesis Award (Optimus Mulierem) for the Graduating Class. She has since co-authored two
published articles:

Sallah, C. A., and Caesar, L. D. (2020). Intangible resources and the growth of women
businesses: empirical evidence from an emerging market economy. J. Entrepreneurship
Emerging Economies. doi: 10.1108/JEEE-05-2019-0070
Caesar, L. D., Cahoon, S., Fei, J & Sallah, C. A., (2020). Exploring the antecedents of high
mobility among ship officers: empirical evidence from Australia, Maritime Policy &
Management, doi: 10.1080/03088839.2020.1762012.
She is a guest visiting lecturer to the accounting department of the University of Ghana business
School (UGBS), a part-time lecturer for Auditing and Financial Risk and Advanced Auditing and
Assurance at the Department of Accounting of the UGBS.

Currently, Cynthia holds the following positions at the Institute of Chartered Accountants Ghana:
Council Member (2020 to 2022) Vice-dean, Audit and Assurance Faculty (August 2019 to Present);
Content Editor of the Journal of Accounting, Auditing, Tax and Management (JAATM) – A peer
reviewed journal of the Institute of Chartered Accountants Ghana (ICAG)- July 2019 to Present;
Member, Exposure Draft Sub-Committee -2018 to 2020; member of the Technical and Research
committee; acting Treasurer for the Accra West District Society of the Institute of Chartered
Accountants Ghana.

Cynthia sits on the Board of Ghana Integrity Initiative as a member of the board.
On a personal level, she is a friendly, approachable and self-motivated individual who can work well
both within a team and individually. Her passion is to mentor young accounting undergraduates
especially females and inspiring them to pursue a profession in accounting.

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