Annual Anti-Corruption Forum

28 June 2016

Annual Anti-Corruption Forum


Theme “Fighting Corruption in Ghana: Take Responsibility, Act Now!”


1.0 Background

Gradually, corruption is becoming a phenomenon, accepted by many Ghanaians as a normal part of everyday life. Corruption continues to draw the nation back in its efforts at the fight against poverty. There were many other reasons cited as to why Ghana was unable to achieve some of the targets of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) and corruption is one of the many reasons. Transparency International said in 2010 that corruption siphoned 20-30 percent of resources made available to implement MDGs projects.

 Ghana has adopted several measures to reduce corruption. The latest is the adoption of a National Anti-Corruption Action Plan (NACAP) in 2014 by Parliament. NACAP is a ten-year strategic plan. GII is of the view that, National efforts to eradicate corruption must focus on the empowerment of all Ghanaians as well as the strengthening of national polices, among other initiatives. Thus the proposed GII Anti-Corruption Dialogue Series aims to facilitate consensus building around national anti-corruption initiatives like the NACAP, explore existing gaps in Ghana's anti-corruption legislations and make suggestions to re-enforce existing anti-corruption efforts of the state.

 2.0 Objectives  

The specific objectives for the 2016 forum include;

-          To facilitate stakeholder engagement on national corruption gaps and the way forward for winning the fight against corruption.

-          To gather commitments from political parties on their strategies for addressing key corruption gaps when elected

-          To create a  platform to advocate for the passage of the RTI

-          To develop an anti-corruption manifesto from the commitments made by the political parties.


3.0 Theme

The theme for the first GII Anti-Corruption Dialogue Series is, “Fighting Corruption in Ghana: Take Responsibility, Act Now.