Land and Corruption in Africa Project Community Sensitization (Durbar) and Radio Panel Discussions

4 June 2018

As part of the LCA project, GII plans to hold two activities;

i.                    Community Sensitization (durbar) and Land Clinic

ii.                  Radio Panel Discussions

The main aim is to promote a strong citizenship of men and women of different generations and social and cultural backgrounds by informing them of their land and tenure rights. GII plans to organize a community sensitization (durbar) programme to legally empower community members to be aware of their land rights and how to defend those rights including solutions and mechanisms within the land sector. Citizens will also be empowered and strengthened to demand transparency and accountability from duty bearers through the land clinics.


Date Activity Location

3rd – 9th June, 2018


17th – 23rd June, 2018
Community Sensitization and Radio Panel Discussions Takoradi, Koforidua, Bolgatanga