The national fight against corruption needs persons with expertise, skills, experience, and passion for social justice.

Periodically, we seek professionals and volunteers with exceptional talent and commitment to join our efforts and make a contribution to a better country for all.






The Ghana Integrity Initiative (GII), is the local chapter of the global Anti-corruption organization Transparency International (TI). GII is calling for the submission of nominations for an Integrity Award.

For the first time in 2017, GII is launching an award to recognize the efforts of outstanding individuals and organisations making a significant contribution to the fight against corruption in Ghana.

Winners of similar awards, for example TI’s global award and that of other national chapters, include journalists, civil society activists, government and corporate whistle-blowers who work to investigate and unmask corruption, often at great risks. This year GII’s Integrity Award seeks to honour those who have contributed in particular to curbing corruption in public procurement in Ghana,

This year’s winners will be honoured at a public award ceremony that gathers a broad range of people and institutions supporting the anti-corruption crusade.

The nominations will be judged by a committee of well-known individuals from the anti-corruption movement.

Deadline for applications: 17 November 2017.






GII’s 2017 Integrity Awards recognizes institution(s) that uphold their personal and professional integrity and have undertaken initiatives aimed at reducing corruption in Ghana.

While recipients of the awards would be expected to be of exemplary character, the Awards will recognize a particular action(s) or initiative(s) and are not made solely or mainly for reasons of demonstrated good character. Such initiatives could, for example, be a change in people’s lives, a change in institutional processes and policies or an example of people standing up to take action against corruption in their respective region, country or on a specific topic. Ideally this change can be illustrated by quantifiable results that further the anti-corruption cause.

The positive change should be one likely to attract interest and emulation by others. The impact should be outstanding and deserving wide recognition.



The inaugural 2017 GII Integrity Awards for public institutions or departments which have undertaken an exemplary initiative to reduce corruption in public procurement.

The GII Integrity Awards may be conferred on an organization and its staff discharging their official duties professionally.

In selecting award recipients, the Awards Committee shall follow a clear evaluation process using a strict methodology for assessing the validity of the nomination and the merit of the initiative. GII shall partner with IMANI Ghana in developing the methodology for validation of nominations.

Diverse recipients (individuals or organizations) will be awarded annually (Public, Private Sectors and Civil Society). In making these awards, the Committee will take into consideration the need to recognize efforts in diverse fields of the public sector, the private sector and civil society and to acknowledge anti-corruption initiatives throughout the country.



The Award shall consist of a trophy and a citation.

This will be presented to awardee(s) at a public event that gathers a broad range of high profile personalities and institutions that make up the governance and anti-corruption movement across Ghana.



Nominees must meet the following eligibility criteria:

  • Nominees must have undertaken an action that is likely to significantly influence, or to have had a significant impact on, existing levels of corruption in public procurement in Ghana.
  • The action must be particularly courageous, innovative or imaginative and deserving of wide national recognition.

The following categories of nominees will not be considered as eligible:

  • Organisations of questionable integrity or goals that are not consistent with TI values and ethics.



Nominations must include the following information:

  1. Name of the nominee(s) and contact information
  2. Name of nominating person or organisation and contact information

A brief description (at least 500 words) of how the nominee has contributed to reducing corruption in public procurement in Ghana. Include independently verifiable actions or steps that they have taken and the results of their achievement. This information should also show how the nominee exemplifies the core values of GII: integrity, accountability, independence, transparency and commitment.

       3. Supporting documentation in the form of press clippings, audio or video files, recommendation or recognition letter if available and pertinent to this process.



The Integrity award recipient(s) will be decided upon by an Awards Committee. The Awards Committee follows a clear evaluation criteria which include verification of publicly available information as well as surveys and interviews to assess the merit of the nominee. Following receipt of nominations, the Awards Committee will duly evaluate the nomination files and discuss their merits. 

A second round of voting will determine the final recommended winner(s). The Committee will forward its recommended selection of candidates to be awarded to the GII Board of Directors for endorsement on a no-objection basis. The GII Board may invite the Committee to reconsider a particular nomination giving its reasons. In the case of the Committee confirming its recommendation, it is the role of the Board to take the final decision.

The Committee has the right:

  • To decide whether a nomination serves the goals of GII or whether the nominees meet the GII standards and uphold its values
  • To ask the nominator for additional information to be attached to the nomination where the information provided is, it its opinion, insufficient.
  • To recommend that an Integrity Award be withdrawn should the winner act in a manner that compromises the integrity or reputation of GII or the TI movement and the Integrity Awards. Specific reasons for any such recommendation should be explicitly outlined to the Board. 

Please send your nominations for the GII Integrity Awards to  by November 17, 2017


The GII Integrity Awards Committee
Ghana Integrity Initiative
P.M.B. CT 317, Cantonments,
House No.21 Abelenkpe Road, Abelenkpe