17 January 2017

Applicants will be obliged to meet certain criteria before being accepted as members, such as the following: 

  1. Preference shall be given to individuals or professional associations who have an interest in the fight against corruption and a strong desire for improved transparency, accountability and National Integrity Systems in the country.

  2. A successful applicant  must believe in the principles and values of GII and be a person with a track record of integrity and credibility;

  3. The applicant must be respected by his or her community as an upright person.

  4. The applicant must not engage in active politics or be a party activist (non-partisan). This is because GII, and it’s parent organization TI, are non-partisan Civil Society Organizations and need to retain that neutrality in their fight against corruption.

  5. The applicant must not have any criminal background or have been convicted by a court of law.  

  6. The applicant should be literate since he/she would need to read corruption literature from GII to enhance the knowledge of the member on anti-corruption work.