Background to LEARN

LEARN is an EU-funded project that was implemented by Christian Aid and its partners IDEG and GII from 2011 to 2014.  Christian Aid is one of the main INGOs looking at the role of tax in development and democracy.  The project also collaborated with SEND-Ghana who trained partners on its PME methodology, which was adapted by IDEG adapted for purposes of GIFNet

The premise upon which LEARN is based is on the flip-side of what most of the CSOs and Research and Advocacy Organizations are doing in Ghana.  While most are monitoring how the government spends its money, LEARN seeks to assist the government to make more money through taxes.  It recognizes that the Government of Ghana seeks to mobilize revenue through job creation and taxes.  It purports that if citizens understand why they pay taxes and the need to comply with taxation, they will become more involved in local governance.  They will engage duty bearers to ensure that tax policies are pro-poor, transparent and accountable. They will also come to the realisation that the revenue generated is making a difference in poor people’s lives.

 LEARN, therefore,is aimed at promoting an inclusive and empowered Ghana, with a specific objective of having citizens in 18 districts across Ghana exercise increased influence over local government policy, particularly around taxation.  It has three expected results:

  •  R1: Citizens are mobilising around issues of public services and taxation
  • R2: Citizens are engaged in regular and successful interaction with their local authorities
  • R3: 18 GIFNets and local authorities are collaborating to define and deliver tax and employment policies through an action-orientated research process.