Project Overview

Ghana Integrity Initiative (GII) underwent an overall strategic overhaul in from January to December 2015. This strategic exercise was undertaken as part of a STAR-Ghana programme which provided support for CSOs to institute measures aimed and ensuring their financial sustainability and ensuring good governance and development in Ghana. The Programme, known as the STAR-Ghana Sustainability Grant was implemented by GII with keen support from STAR-Ghana through a Critical Advisor, employed by STAR-Ghana to provide advice and input throughout the Sustainability process.

As part of the Sustainability program, GII aimed to ensure the organisational sustainability and effectiveness in attaining its objectives, by focusing on the organisation’s overall strategic outlook and program development. GII built on these two broad areas through the development of a Step Change Plan which guided the organisation in aligning its programme activities with the key project objectives to ensure the effectiveness of the overall Sustainability process.

The GII sustainability process was a long and insightful journey for the organisation, with lots of lessons learned by the entire organisation, including the staff, who fully participated throughout the implementation process. The Sustainability programme was very effective for GII as an organisation, and was undertaken at a very crucial time for the organisation, when a significant number of new staff joined the organisation. The Sustainability process also contributed to building the team spirit, organisational culture as well as the overall buy-in by all staff, board and members of GII into all the strategies developed to guide the organisation’s programming and activities. By the end of the sustainability project, GII had successfully developed a new five year strategic plan which makes provisions for financial sustainability, a communication and knowledge management document, a new website as well as signage to improve GII’s visibility.